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Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal 

According to recent statistics, 40 percent of adults in the US between 25 to 40 years old have at least one tattoo. Unsurprisingly, many of these tattoo owners regret getting it in the first place.

Maybe the tattoo artist used the wrong color. Maybe you are not as into stars now as you were in college. Or maybe you need to remove your ex's name from that rose.

Whatever the reason, we can offer laser tattoo removal as a safe and effective option for eliminating unwanted tattoos. Dr. James B. Lowe is dedicated to offering his patients the highest-quality treatments in Oklahoma City, OK. As such, Lowe Plastic Surgery has invested in the MedLite C6, the gold standard for laser tattoo removal, to eliminate your tattoos with minimal discomfort.

Industry-Leading Technology

MedLite C6At our practice, we use the MedLite C6 laser for our laser tattoo removal treatments. This state-of-the-art laser allows us to provides our patients with several advantages:

Effective on all Ink Colors
With a wide selection of hand pieces, we can provide 15 unique laser options that target a broad spectrum of ink colors.
Safe for all Skin Types
The MedLite C6 is designed to strictly target tattoo ink and leave the surrounding skin unharmed.
Higher- Quality Results
Because the laser uses peak energy levels throughout the procedure, MedLite C6 significantly improves upon the results offered by earlier iterations of laser tattoo removal.

The advanced capabilities of the MedLite laser allow us to provide you with the most efficient tattoo removal.

Financing Your Treatment

Our laser tattoo removal treatments are typically on the high-end of the cost spectrum due to the powerful technology we use. However, tattoo removal is a lifetime investment. We believe that you should not have to live with unwanted tattoos that impact your confidence and quality of life.

As such, we offer financing through CareCredit®. This third-party lender offers patients manageable monthly payment plans, making high-quality treatment more affordable.

Many of our patients have achieved a 95% or better removal.

At Your Appointment

Once you have discussed your options and treatment with Dr. Lowe during your initial consultation, we can schedule your first session. Treatment sessions typically last 15 to 45 minutes. While most patients experience minimal discomfort, we typically apply a topical anesthetic and use an air cooler machine to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Lowe will select the appropriate hand piece for the color of your tattoo and activate the laser. When applied to the skin, it specifically targets the pigmented areas, breaking up the ink into small particles that are then eradicated through your immune system.

Treatment Frequency

Each session is scheduled about eight weeks apart. The number of treatments required to remove your tattoo will depend on factors such as:

  • Quality of the tattoo
  • Age of tattoo
  • Size of tattoo
  • Color

While some patients see significant fading after just a few treatments, it typically takes about 20 treatments to fully remove the tattoo. Due to the wide variety of ink brands, it’s impossible to predict the degree of removal for any given tattoo. However, many of our patients have achieved a 95% or better removal.During your consultation, Dr. Lowe can evaluate your tattoo and set realistic expectations for your procedure.

Find Relief From Your Unwanted Tattoos

At Lowe Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer our patients cutting-edge laser tattoo removal. Contact us online or call us today at (405) 942-4300 to learn more about the process and plan your personalized treatment.

Dr. Lowe is a leading plastic surgeon and a native Oklahoman who is passionate about providing excellent results for every patient.

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