What to Expect  after Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

The days and weeks after a rhinoplasty surgery are essential to successful results and reducing your risk of potential side effects. Before your treatment, Dr. Jim Lowe will explain what to expect during your rhinoplasty recovery and how to prepare. 

With over a decade as the head of Lowe Plastic Surgery in Oklahoma City, OK, Dr. Lowe is fully equipped to perform your procedure and lay the groundwork for a safe recovery. 

What to Expect during Rhinoplasty Recovery

A healthy recovery allows your nose to heal correctly and with the aesthetic results that you desire. At any point during your recovery, you can call our Oklahoma City plastic surgery medical practice for answers to your questions.

Doctor putting splint on patient's nose
A splint can stabilize your nose and lay the groundwork for your results. 

Immediately after Surgery

Because a rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure, you will be released to return home and rest after surgery. We recommend taking at least one full day to rest in bed with your head slightly elevated. This can reduce both swelling and bleeding. Dr. Lowe will place splints or some type of stabilizing device over your nose to ensure that no tissues shift.

First Week after Surgery

Congestion is common following rhinoplasty recovery. While a stuffed-up nose can be inconvenient, it is a natural side effect of nasal surgery and should subside within the first week after surgery. Most patients experience full restoration of nasal breathing within a few weeks of the procedure.

Any internal dressings that are placed by Dr. Lowe should remain in place for one to seven days following surgery. The splint must also remain taped in place for a predetermined number of days to support your newly positioned nose throughout healing. Splints are generally needed for one week.

Swelling, bruising, and minor levels of bleeding are also common in the first few days following surgery. A drip pad or gauze may be used to absorb drainage. Discomfort associated with this cosmetic surgery should subside after two to three days following the procedure. Some patients report numbness on the tip of their nose or nearby, but this is very typical and should not be a cause for alarm. Most patients experience full restoration of sensations to this area within a period of several weeks.

During the first week of recovery, patients are generally advised to:

  • Avoid strenuous activities or exercise
  • Avoid showers
  • Refrain from blowing their nose
  • Eat a healthy, plant-based diet
  • Avoid strenuous facial expressions
  • Brush their teeth carefully
  • Avoid clothes that require pulling over the head

To lower the chances of bleeding and swelling, your doctor may ask you to follow a few precautions for several weeks after surgery.

In the Weeks Following Surgery

Dr. Lowe will let you know when you can resume normal activities. Patients are generally advised to refrain from strenuous activities for at least several weeks following surgery. Temporary swelling or discoloration of the eyelids can linger for two to three weeks after rhinoplasty surgery. Most patients report that swelling fades completely within a year of the procedure.

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