Surgical Recovery Improved by New Comfort Device

oklahoma city breast surgeryPost-operative drains worn by some patients after surgery may now be comfortably used without without tape or difficulty, due to a new recovery device. The Marsupial Pouch, as this new device is called, was the focus of a recent Miami Herald article.

The Marsupial Pouch is the latest in a line of medical surgery products from Keller Medical, Inc. This company has achieved previous success from the sale of its Keller Funnel, a delivery device for inserting breast implants.

New Marsupial Device Combines Comfort and Convenience

This new device provides a simple and vital function by conveniently holding all drains and drainage tubes in comfortable pockets held from a comfortable belt. The belt is highly adjustable to fit patients of any clothing size, and the pockets may be added as needed to accommodate as many drains as necessary.

The story of The Marsupial Pouch is unique, as it was designed by a cancer survivor who happened to be a textile expert. The belt and pockets are made of soft terry cloth for ultimate comfort, and may also be used to hide drains when leaving the hospital or house.

Howard Preissman, the CEO of Keller Medical, says that, “Although not limited in use to the plastic surgery industry, The Marsupial® does complement our existing distribution network aligned with the Keller Funnel™and demonstrates our commitment to improving the comfort of women who undergo breast reconstruction, mastectomy or augmentation procedures.”

In addition, the device may be used for patients undergoing body lifts, tummy tucks, or any other surgical procedure that requires drains during the recovery period. It may be useful for patients who will have recovery periods of several weeks as well as those who will only require drains for the first few days.

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