Freshen Up Your Look this Spring with Xeomin
If you have had Botox, or have considered Botox injections to freshen up your look, you may also want to look into Xeomin—a Botox alternative. Xeomin is another non-surgical injectable treatment that can be very effective for improving lines and wrinkles that form around the eyes, forehead, and brows. If you are noticing these lines and wrinkles are becoming more prominent or you feel self-conscious about the signs of aging, Xeomin may be the ideal injectable for you. Let us put together a skin rejuvenation plan that can enhance your look this spring.
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Laser Procedures to Rejuvenate Your Look this Year
If your skin isn’t glowing the way it used to anymore, or you are noticing you have more fine lines and wrinkles than ever before, explore some of our non-surgical facial rejuvenation options like laser therapy. We offer several different laser procedures that can address common skin concerns without surgery or extensive downtime. Laser therapies work from inside out to trigger the skin’s healing response and can restore a healthy complexion within a matter of weeks.
These laser procedures can help to rejuvenate your look this year:
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3 Non-Surgical Procedures for the Holidays
As you start getting ready for those holiday events, don’t forget to stop by our office for a quick non-surgical treatment that can freshen up your look. Now is a great time to undergo a non-invasive procedure that can erase some of those signs of aging, smooth out lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenate your look. Many will give you results within a few days of treatment so plan on scheduling your appointment at least one to two weeks in advance of any major events or get-togethers this season.

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Rhinoplasty Oklahoma
One of the most effective procedures for enhancing your facial appearance is nose reshaping surgery, otherwise known as rhinoplasty. Very few people have a perfectly-shaped nose and if the size and shape of your nose has always bothered you, plastic surgery may be the most effective way to improve your appearance. Now is a great time to book a cosmetic procedure like rhinoplasty because you will only need a few weeks to recover and enjoy the results. Get ready for those holiday parties and show off your new look by New Year’s by scheduling your nose surgery procedure this month!
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